The Dreaded Mod Post

Okay Guys. So I haven’t been able to keep up with school and the tumblr, but I don’t want just destroy the tumblr. If you’re an artist or a group of artist that is interested in taking over the tumblr and the characters. send me a note on dA and we can talk about migrating it.

Some people have a deep, abiding respect for the natural beauty of karma; some people don’t.


My sister is so pushy, but shes a matchmaker so I guess she knows alot and stuff >/////<

Truth is I’m looking for someone to be my Valentine ~<3

I’m not that fussy on gender- I mean if you love someone that wouldn’t matter so.. maybe if you think we’d be a good match you could ask me on a date? 

All I ask is that you are single and willing to be loved by me ;u;

Some people are just mean. 

Sorry about that. We will aim for one update a week on Tuesday. 

Happy Birthday /r/MLP


Questions for the Doctor